Exciting new features in Eye Chart Pro

Last month, we launched a number of huge updates to Eye Chart Pro, the most advanced Eye Chart app for iPad. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some of those features:

1. New charts

One of the biggest requests from medical professionals has been specialized charts for vision testing. The updated Eye Chart Pro features a number of new charts, including Tumbling E, Astigmatic Fan, Duochrome Charts, Near Vision, Amsler Grid, ETDRS charts, and many more to come.

Screenshot 2015-06-02 11.57.34

*indicates available for purchase

Each of these charts features detailed instructions on how to use the chart and some background information on the chart itself. To view this information inside the app, just tap the info button in the bottom right corner of the tool bar.

2. Testing to 20 ft using landscape mode.

The new Eye Chart Pro lets vision professionals test up to 20 ft by rotating the iPad to landscape mode — allowing for display of larger optotypes. This features is available in the Eye Chart Pro value pack. By tapping the blue buttons at the top and bottom of the chart, you can switch between lines (or you can use the remote control for this purpose too!)


One of the challenges of providing 20 ft vision testing on the iPad was dealing with large optotypes. When the optotypes get too big for an entire row to fit into the screen, we allow you to rotate through them using the remote control using the left and right arrow (or by scrolling directly on the screen).

3. Improved remote reliability.

RemotePreviewScreenshot@2xWe re-designed the Eye Chart Pro remote control for iPhone/iPod Touch so that it works seamlessly with Eye Chart Pro. With the Eye Chart Pro value pack, you can access the full remote control functionality — including line isolation, character isolation in landscape, chart selection, randomization, and red/green toggling for duochrome charts.

The remote also now features a “preview screen”, so you can easily tell which letters are displayed directly from your remote.

You can switch charts directly from the remote control too. Just tap the menu button at the top left or swipe to the left to access the entire menu of charts. This means you don’t have to constantly walk up to the iPad in order to conduct a different vision test.

We updated Eye Chart Pro after talking with many medical professionals and learning what kinds of features they’d find most useful. We hope you’ll check out the new app and provide us with even more feedback. Feel free to e-mail us your thoughts at eyechartapp@gmail.com

Exciting new features in Eye Chart Pro

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